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Welcome Guests, Members and Admins !

Postby admin » Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:20 am

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a British accountancy program for Chartered Certified Accountants qualification worldwide. In simple word ACCA is an international accounting certification controlled by British accountancy body. ACCA has 131,500+ members and 362,000+ affiliates and students in 170 countries.

ACCAfriends.com is a resource sharing forum and a community for all ACCA students/professionals. You are welcome to register here, even if you are not a ACCA student but, want to know about or if you are interested in ACCA. Before you post a topic please make sure your are posting in right forum. A community is nothing without friends. So, be a member of this forum and tall your friends to register here.
Registered members are requested to introduce their self in 'Members intr. forum'.

Writing any slang word or other violation can cause of permanent cancel of membership.
I am always here to take care of any violation done by members. So, if any one do something wrong please report. For any kind of question simply PM me. Thanks.
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