New question types in Papers F1/FAB, F2/FMA and F3/FFA

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New question types in Papers F1/FAB, F2/FMA and F3/FFA

Postby alamin11 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:00 am

In 2014, multi-task questions (MTQs) will be introduced into the ACCA Qualification Papers F1-F3 and the equivalent Foundation level exams (FAB, FMA and FFA). The changes will be introduced into computer-based exams (CBEs) from 26 February and the paper exams from June 2014.

MTQs contain a series of tasks for students to complete - tasks which relate to one or more scenarios. These tasks can be made up of different question types – multiple choice, multiple response, multiple response matching, number entry, hotspots and gapfill questions. All of these question types, apart from hotspots and gapfill, are used within the existing exams available by CBE.

It should be noted that between the period of 1 February and 24 February 2014, the CBEs for Foundation level exams (MA1, MA2,FMA, FA1, FA2,FFA and FAB) and ACCA F1, F2 and F3 exams will continue to be based on the 2013 Syllabus and Study Guides. The 2014 Syllabus and Study Guides will not be examined until 26 February when the new question types are introduced.
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